Over 60 Years ago …

Crisis grips the globe in the form of drastic climate changes, energy shortages, and geopolitical instability.
Initial space expansion creates stations at the Lagrange Points, Luna, and Mars, with robotic exploration of the entire system.
Construction begins on a space elevator.
Medical advances improve health and organ repair. The rich pursue gene-fixing and transgenic pets.
Computer intelligence capabilities equal and exceed that of the human brain. True AI not yet developed.
Robotics become widespread and start to replace/invalidate many jobs.
Modern nations expand their high-speed wireless networks.

During the next 20 years, until 40 years ago …

Efforts to undertake megascale geoengineering on Earth cause as many problems as they fix.
Major colonies established on the Moon and Mars; outposts established near Mercury, Venus, and the Belt. Explorers reach Pluto.
First space elevator on Earth finished. Two others in progress. Space traffic booms.
Mass driver built on the Moon.
Terraforming of Mars begins.
Fusion power developed and working plants established.
Genetic enhancements, gene therapies (for longevity), and cybernetic implants become available to the wealthy and powerful.
First non-autonomous AIs are secretly developed and quickly put to use in research and netwar.
Experience playback (XP) technology developed and put into public use.

And until 20 years ago …

Violence and destabilization wrack the Earth; some conflicts spread into space.
Argonauts split from hypercorps, taking resources to autonomist habitats.
Space expansion opens up legal/ethical loopholes for tech development and allows for increased direct human experimentation.
Human cloning becomes possible and available in some areas.
Development of first transhuman species.
First dolphins and chimpanzees uplifted to sapience.
Fusion-drive spacecraft enter common usage.
Extended colonization and terraforming of Mars continues. Belt and Titan colonized. Stations established throughout the system.
The starving masses volunteer themselves for indentured servitude on hypercorp space projects.
Augmented reality becomes widespread.
Most networks transformed into self-repairing mesh networks.
Personal AI aides become widespread.

And during the last 20 years…

Earth continues to suffer, but the pace of technology allows for some interesting developments.
Expansion throughout the system, even into the Kuiper Belt.
Transhuman species become widespread.
Nanotech assemblers become available, but are strictly controlled and jealously guarded by the elite and powerful.
Uploading and the digital emulation of memory and consciousness made possible.
More species (gorillas, orangutans, octopi, ravens, parrots) uplifted to sapience.
Pods see common usage, amid some controversy.

Present Day


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