The world is on the verge of change …

The world is changing a lot, faster and faster each day. Computers are now implants, internet is everywhere,on the air around you and in your brain. Goggling is as easy as thinking and you can change your appearance, you don’t need to look like you. You don’t even need to look like human.

Maybe you are not human after all. Species were uplifted in few past years. You best friend can be a gorilla, your wife may be a parrot and you can be a parrot. Uplifted minds! You never know!

Your body is nothing but gear. Your mind, your ego, is what counts these days. You need to multitask in your work ? Spawn some copies of your brain on a server nearby to help you with it. Distances have little meaning. Upload your conscience to another body, it’s simply a shell, on the other side of the city in seconds. To another country maybe. To another planet even.

The nearby planets are not as far as they used to be. You can grab a drink on the Moon’s Bar that happens to be inside one of the main tunnels on Deimos, one of the Mars’ moons. Venus being a gas giant has little to do on its surface besides gas mining, but several aerostats obits the big planet every day and millions of people lives on it and depends on Venusian corporations.

The new advances, new technologies, new uplifted creatures and the new frontiers made no difference on the world. Wars destroys the world each day a little, opposing factions play politics before they even know they are a faction, dreams still don’t came true and nightmares are worse each day.

And the world in on the verge of change …